The process of packing and moving of goods for various services undergoes the following steps.

  • Estimation
  • Insurance
  • Packing of Materials
  • Loading of Materials
  • Transit
  • Unloading of Materials
  • Unpacking of Materials


We send our officer to your place and he evaluates the goods to be moved. He there after provides you with estimation for packing and moving of goods. Once the quotation we provide is approved we move ahead with the process of Packing of Materials at your place on the required date.


As a part of the process we provide the facility to insure the goods. This is an add on facility and party can take the insurance from other provider also. But as a facility we can take it for the party.

Packing of Materials

Our team of packing material specialists comes to your place and starts packing the materials. We use thermocols, air bubble film rolls and corrugated boxes as packing materials. This ensures the safety of your goods that are moved.

Loading of Materials

Our team of specialists loads the packed materials. Once the loading of material is done and check listed it moves ahead to the process of transit.


We send an escort during the transit process for the safety of your goods. Once it reaches the destination the checklist is again verified and then unloading of materials is done.

Unloading of Materials

Once the goods have reached the destination our team at that end unloads the goods and again a checklist is verified and thereafter unpacks the goods.

Unpacking of Materials

After the goods are unpacked we will arrange the goods as per your requirement.